CLTC is open for tennis from 6pm tonight.

CLTC is open for tennis from 6pm tonight.

When visiting the Club could you please adhere to the following requirements. A reminder that this applies to members, friends and visitors.

  1. A mask MUST be worn when entering the Club premises.
  1. Register your attendance at the Club by using either the QR code or entering your details in the book register.
  1. Hand sanitiser is available
  1. Mask MUST be worn onto the court and can be removed when playing. Mask MUST be worn when leaving the court.
  1. Tap racquets at the completion of games.
  1.  Remember social distancing when at the Club and wear your mask.

Here is a reminder as to how many members are required in the different areas of the Club:

Finlayson Deck                                               5 persons

Verandah                                                        26 persons )

Clubhouse with bi-fold doors closed              40 persons  )      66 when bi-fold doors are open

BBQ area                                                        26 persons

Kitchen                                                            3 persons

Bar                                                                  1 person

As our Premier keeps reminding us it's "common sense".

Enjoy being back on the Courts

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