Club Policies



CLTC will actively seek to promote, encourage and support strategies to minimise the harmful effects of alcohol and drug use in the interest of health and safety to our members,  employees, volunteers and spectators.

The CLTC Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy details information on the following areas:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Other Drugs
  3. All Drugs
  4. Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy Information


At all Club facilities and functions lower strength and non-alcoholic beverages will be available and promoted. Drinks will be served in standard size drink portions in every possible situation. Safe transport options for all Club members will be encouraged and promoted at all times.

Alcohol will be served in accordance with the requirements set out in the Liquor Licensing Act 1998, and in line with the Director of Liquor Licensing Responsible Service of Alcohol Policies, these can be accessed through

Irresponsible promotions will be discouraged at all times including happy hours and drinking competitions. The irresponsible use of alcohol will not be glamourised or promoted at CLTC functions or events through raffles, prizes or awards.

Food will be offered at all times when alcohol is being consumed. When young people are involved in an event, competition or training session, alcohol consumption by parents, coaches or other influential personnel will be discouraged. Active promotion of responsible alcohol consumption by all members/associations will be encouraged at all times.

Tap water will be available and free at the Club at all times. The use of plastic containers will be encouraged at all Club events, training sessions and competitions.

Other Drugs

The use of illicit and performance enhancing drugs will not be allowed, glamourised or promoted at any competition, training or event under the control of the Club. For further and more in depth information please review the Tennis Australia Doping Policy. As a member association of Tennis Australia, CLTC and our affiliated members/associations abide by and implement all of Tennis Australia’s policies.

 All Drugs

All CLTC members and personnel known to be intoxicated due to alcohol and/or other drugs will not be permitted to participate or perform in any Club training, competition or events whilst in this physical state.

Alcohol & Other Drug Policy Information

CLTC is aware that alcohol & other drug practices are continually being updated and improved upon and for this reason the CLTC Alcohol &Other Drugs Policy will be reviewed and updated annually.



• All members will treat each other, and club employees, contractors and volunteers, with respect and courtesy at all times, and extend the same consideration to visitors to the club.

• All members will be fair, honest and considerate in all dealings with others.

• The club will not tolerate any form of discrimination (including sexist or racist behaviour), bullying, harassing or otherwise offensive or unacceptable conduct, including aggressive behaviour or inappropriate language.  A failure to observe these requirements may lead to sanctions by the club, including suspension or expulsion.

• All club members are expected to observe the club’s Etiquette Policy during play.

• The club has a long and proud history of self - sufficiency and volunteering, both for its own benefit and for the wider community of which it forms part.  All club members are encouraged to participate in club activities, whether playing, social, fundraising or club organisation, maintenance and management.



The following principles of etiquette are published to ensure that the experience of playing tennis at CLTC is enjoyable for all.

  • Once a set has been organized, it is the responsibility of the players drawn for a set to make their way as quickly as possible to the allocated court.
  • When ball persons are not available, all balls on your side of the net are your responsibility to collect and return directly to the server. Preferably, this should be done by returning the balls along the ground to the server.
  • The receiver should not return or otherwise hit a first service if it is an obvious fault. Let the ball go by, or ground it.
  • If a ball other than the ball in play encroaches on your court, play should stop immediately and the point replayed.
  • When retrieving a ball from another court, or returning a ball to another court, wait until the point in progress on that court has been completed.
  • Wait until a point is complete before walking behind a court where a match is in progress.
  • Do not enlist the assistance of others, such as spectators, in determining line calls, scores or other on-court matters. These are the responsibility of the players on the court.
  • The server should announce the game score before starting a game, and the point score before each serve.
  • Line calling is the responsibility of the players in the half of the court in which a ball lands. For service calls, the receiver should call the centre and side service lines, and the receiver's partner the service line. It is not appropriate to dispute a line call once made.
  • Gamesmanship of any description is discouraged, as is loud or intrusive behaviour likely to interfere with play on other courts.
  • Celebrations should be restrained. Offensive or bullying conduct is unsportsmanlike conduct and will not be tolerated.
  • In organised social play, once the bell sounds you should finish the match as soon as possible and leave the court. Protracted deuce points, or continuing to play until the end of a current game, may delay the start of the next scheduled match.
  • All players in a match should thank each other at the conclusion of the match. Where health protocols are in place, acknowledgement of participation is effected by all players touching racquets, rather than shaking hands.
  • Be aware of the standard of the players with you in a social match. The sets are drawn to give all players the opportunity to play with and against players of differing standards, and it is appropriate to modify your play to reflect the standard of each player
  • If you have a concern about the standard of sets in which you are drawn on a consistent or continuing basis, raise that concern with the duty captain on the day. Do not raise those concerns with the set coordinators as it is unfair to them and it is not their job to make changes.



CLTC understands and recognises the importance of good nutrition and the role it plays in maintaining and improving health. CLTC will promote the effect that healthy eating has on all members in achieving optimal performance.

The CLTC Food & Catering Policy details information on the following areas:

  1. Availability of Healthy Food
  2. Training for Food Management
  3. Food & Catering Policy Information

Availability of Healthy Food

Where food is available at functions, tournaments, events and activities, healthy alternatives will be readily offered. Healthy options includes the provision of foods low in fat, high in fibre and with substantial fruit and vegetable content.

Training for Food Management

Every endeavour will be made to provide training in the handling and preparation of food to paid staff and volunteers who prepare food at events and competitions. CLTC will give preference to food companies/caterers who provide healthy alternatives. CLTC will endeavour not to provide members with prizes that encourage unhealthy eating.

Food & Catering Policy Information

CLTC is aware that food & catering research/methods are continually being updated and improved upon and for this reason the CLTC Food and Catering Policy will be reviewed and updated annually.



7.4.5 HEAT RULE (page 23 Tennis West Rules)

All teams in all competitions must turn up to play at the venue as normal, regardless of the forecast temperature, unless:

In the case of extremely hot conditions, the Home Captain may phone the Away Captain, and agree to cancel the match. The Referee or Match Supervisor must be notified.

If no contact is made, or no consensus reached, all team members must attend.

Home Clubs must have a thermometer at the club and/or access to the BOM website.

Thermometer is to be positioned in a shaded ventilated area approximately 1.2m above ground level, open to any breeze, and away from any reflective or radioactive heat source.

If the temperature is below 38°C (36 for juniors and seniors) at the scheduled start time, matches must commence. If after play commences, the temperature reaches 38°C (36 for juniors and seniors), all play must stop. Under no circumstances shall teams continue to play if the temperature is 38°C (36 for juniors and seniors) or above. Once the temperature drops below 38°C (36 for juniors and seniors), play can resume.

Once the temperature is 38°C (36 for juniors and seniors) or above, teams must wait one continuous hour for the temperature to drop below 38°C (36 for juniors and seniors) before cancelling play.

If more than one continuous hour is lost during any ‘one’ play suspension, the match shall be abandoned.

For Semi-finals and Finals Matches, if the temperature is 38°C (36 for juniors and seniors) or above at the start of play, teams must wait two hours for the temperature to drop below 38°C (36 for juniors and seniors) before cancelling play.

The current rules can be found here :-



CLTC recognises that smoke free environments protect non-smokers from the harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and contribute to reducing tobacco consumption levels. CLTC will encourage members, spectators and participants to quit smoking and discourage the uptake of smoking, in particular by young people.

The CLTC Smoke Free Policy details information on the following areas:

  1. Smoke Free Environments
  2. Tobacco Sales
  3. Organisation Responsibilities
  4. Smoke Free Policy Information

Smoke Free Environments

The following areas of the Club and affiliated clubs will be smoke free at all times:

♦ All indoor areas

♦ All playing courts

♦Verandah and outdoor seated areas

All official functions, including dinners, presentations, fund-raising, meetings and social occasions will be 100% smoke free.

Tobacco Sales

Tobacco products will not be sold by the Club at any time.

Organisation Responsibilities

Any person employed or representing the Club in any capacity will refrain from smoking whilst acting in an official capacity. The Club will be clearly signed with ‘No Smoking’ signage to make members aware of the smoke free environment.

Smoke Free Policy Information

The CLTC Smoke Free Policy will be reviewed and updated annually.



CLTC recognises that exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) has negative health effects and will introduce measures to minimise exposure. Due to tennis being played mainly outdoors, CLTC is extremely conscious of providing adequate information, education and facilities and strongly recommends and supports sun safe practices for all participants involved in tennis throughout the Club. Measures are constantly being introduced to minimise exposure to the harmful effects of the sun that participants may incur.

The CLTC Sun Protection Policy details information on the following areas:

  1. Time of Activities
  2. Provision of Shaded Areas
  3. Appropriate Clothing
  4. Sun Protection Policy Information

Time of Activities

Whenever possible activities will be conducted outside of the hours 10.00am to 3.00pm when UVR is at its peak.

During our Junior programs (peak UVR time) a ‘no hat, no play’ policy will be employed by our SunSmart Tennis Coaches and sunscreen will be available to all students and teachers at all times. This will encourage young people to learn and adopt sun protection measures at an early age.

SunSmart coaches will be responsible for incorporating the SunSmart message and the harmful effects of UVR when visiting primary schools for SunSmart Tennis clinics.

Provision of Shaded Areas

Where available natural shade will be utilised to protect participants and spectators from UVR.

Where natural shade is not available, the organisation, club or association conducting the event will supply and erect portable shade structures to the best of their ability.

Appropriate Clothing

Members representing CLTC will provide a positive sun protection message by wearing broad brimmed hats, sunglasses and apply they will apply sunscreen regularly.

For the purposes of sun protection, players may choose to where long sleeved tops and long pants during CLTC events, including pennants. If players choose to wear this clothing during competitive matches they must notify the event referee or match supervisor prior to the match.

Broad spectrum (SPF 30+) water resistant sunscreen will be made available to participants and spectators, where this is not possible the above mentioned parties will be encouraged to bring their own.

Sun Protection Policy Information

CLTC is aware that sun protection methods are continually being updated and improved upon and for this reason the Sun Protection Policy will be reviewed and updated annually.