Our History

Back in the 1960s, a bitumen car park was successfully transformed into 4 superb grass courts, which now form our lower bay grass courts.

Our two synthetic courts were installed during the 1970s.

In the late 1980s, there was a need for more grass courts as there were seven mid-week Ladies pennant teams and courts were being hired from the University of Western Australia. It was during this time that the Ladies purchased the Clubhouse piano and had many a sing-a-long after their luncheons.

Our Clubhouse also looked a little different with the kitchen being housed in what is now the Club Office, and with the current kitchen area being used as a storeroom.

It was in the early 1990s that the kitchen was moved to its current location. And today we see the kitchen and bar area having a very modern makeover.

During the early 2000s, Landgate was interested in changing the face of Claremont by introducing Apartment Living and it suggested that Claremont Lawn Tennis Club and part of the Golf course might be an ideal location. Thanks to the local community, Lake Claremont Golf Course, Claremont Lawn Tennis Club members and the Friends of Lake Claremont, over 3,000 signatures were gathered and we now have new apartments on the perimeter of the Claremont Football oval. CLTC member Keith Lawrence gave a lot of his time and effort in the drive to keep Claremont Lawn Tennis Club in its current location.

In the past decade, past President Peter McIver floated the idea of turning the four back grass courts into hard courts. With assistance from the Town of Claremont and Tennis Australia  - and with a lot of fundraising - our four hardcourts were installed in 2015.

Additional fundraising was boosted with Royal Show car parking. Due to the inspired leadership of Life Member John Finlayson and many CLTC members volunteering their time to direct traffic, this has become the major fundraiser at our Club, allowing many improvements to our facilities.

In recent years, the western deck of the Clubhouse has been completed, together with a long term plan to have a white picket fence surrounding the premises. We have gained a workshed and a secure shed to store grounds equipment.

Several musical concerts have been hosted on our front courts and on our clubhouse, including a symphony orchestra!

There is a well-loved tradition at Claremont Lawn Tennis Club just before Christmas with Santa arriving in a helicopter which lands on the front courts. The children really love the afternoon as do a lot of the grown-ups!

Claremont Lawn Tennis Club has always been a very welcoming and friendly Club and all members, past and present, should be very proud of what we have achieved to date.


2017 Mr J Finlayson
2015 Mr P McIver
2008 Mrs D Hay
2002 Mrs L Nussbaum (D)
2002 Mrs P McFarlane
1998 Mr R Skelton
1994 Miss C Seale (D)
1993 Mr G Sproule (D)
1992 Mr F Banyard (D)
1989 Mrs D Wilson (D)
1989 Mrs M Seaton (D)
1988 Mr J Walmsley (D)
1988 Mr D Walmsley (D)
1984 Mr T Denton (D)
1982 Mrs M Barwood (D)
1997 Mr L Angel (D)
1975 Mrs D Strang (D)
1974 Mr I Gordon (D)
1969 Mr M Beard (D)
1968 Mr G Strang (D)
1958 Mr F Miller (D)
1952 Mr R Ling (D)
1947 Mr W Barnes (D)
1939 Mr R Davis (D)
1938 Mr R Macbeth (D)
1935 Mr J Brieve (D)
1930 Mr V Mursell (D)
1930 Miss E Ware (D)
1925 Mrs C Blackmore (D)
1925 Mr S Glyde (D)


2019 – 2021 Ms M D'Adamo
2015 – 2019 Mr W Ramsay
2008 – 2015 Mr P McIver
2007 – 2008 Mr G Powell
2005 – 2007 Ms A Robinson
2003 – 2005 Mr D Copeland
2002 – 2003 Mr G Ward
1998 – 2002 Mr W Reynolds
1996 – 1998 Mr S Hadfield
1993 – 1996 Mr D Copeland
1992 – 1993 Mr K Lawrence
1990 – 1992 Mr M Lee
1988 – 1989 Ms S Jones
1987 – 1988 Ms J Antrobus
1986 – 1987 Mr R Robinson
1985 – 1986 Mr V Butterly
1982 – 1985 Mr C Simpson
1980 – 1982 Mr G Strang
1979 – 1980 Mr I Hay
1978 – 1979 Mrs C Taplin
1977 – 1978 Mr D Furness
1976 – 1977 Mr J Leitch
1970 – 1976 Mr G Strang
1954 – 1970 Mr M Beard
1948 – 1954 Mr F Miller
1926 - 1948 Mr S Glyde
1924 – 1926 Sir R Waldie Griffith
1921 – 1924 Mr S Glyde
1904 – 1921 Mr A Sandover
1901 – 1904 Mr S Stubbs